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» Application: Compact Laboratory CO2/O2 Incubators
Co2 Incubator Fast Decontamination The Sterisonic GxP from Panasonic is the industry's most complete cell culture carbon dioxide incubator for highly regulated applications like stem cell research, regenerative medicine and in vitro fertilization or conventional incubation.

Unlike conventional incubators, unique features of the Sterisonic series permits use of the H2O2 decontamination process in situ with zero impact on adjacent equipment or the environment, and accelerated return to service.

» Standout Features / Benefits of Panasonic Incubators
H2O2 Decontamination
The H2O2 decontamination process works in conjunction with Panasonic's patented SafeCell UV system. Following a seven-minute cycle, vaporization is stopped and the SafeCell UV lamp turned ON for up to ninety minutes.
UV Decontamination CO2 Incubator SafeCell UV
When exposed to UV light, the H2O2 vapor breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving only traces of water droplets. These droplets automatically condense onto a naturally cooler section of the interior floor for easy wipe down.
Zirconia O2 Control CO2 / O2 Incubators Zirconia O2 Control System (MCO-19M Multi-gas Models)
An optional zirconia oxygen sensor maintains humidity and sub-ambient O2 levels from 1% to 18%. Enriched O2 levels from 22% to 80% are enabled with proper safety precautions and include an automatic gas switchover system for either oxygen or nitrogen with the optional to add a second switchover for CO2.
» New Option for Carbon Dioxide Incubators
Integrated Cooling Coil (Optional, MCO-CL)
Panasonic's cooling option provides unmatched temperature stability, control and high humidity through the patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket that surrounds the inner walls with a natural convection airflow. The MCO-CL permits H2O2 decontamination of interior components for GMP applications and protocols.
CO2 Promotions

Purchase a Sterisonic Incubator and Receive:

  • Dock-to-Dock ($800 value)
  • BD Cell Culture Consumable Kit ($250 value)

Plus Your Choice of One Per Unit:

  • UV Upgrade ($1569)1
  • Roller Base ($807 value)2
  • Tank Switcher ($560 value)
  • Regulator ($571 value)

Purchase a Sterisonic UV Double Stack Model and Receive3:

  • UVH Model Upgrade — MCO-HL ($4600 value)
  • H2O2 Atomizer and Hydrogen Peroxide Reagent Kit – 6 bottles ($1249 value)

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Models: MCO-19AIC/(UV), MCO-19M/(UV), MCO-20AIC, MCO-5M/(UV), MCO-38AIC/(UV), MCO-38M/(UV), MCO-40AIC, MCO-5M/(UV) x2
1Excludes Models: MCO-20AIC, MCO-40AIC
2Applies to Double Stacking Models: MCO-38AIC/(UV), MCO-38M/(UV), MCO-40AIC, MCO-5M/(UV) x2
3Applies to Models: MCO-38AIC(UV), MCO-38M(UV); valid only for one stacked model per order