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SANYO refrigeration technology is an important part of Vertical Component Integration™ expressed through products of SANYO Electric Biomedical Co. Ltd. Since it's inception in 1967, the SANYO Electric Company, Ltd. Compressor Division has attained a solid record of achievements in research and development projects. For nearly 35 years, SANYO has been instrumental in improving the quality and performance of compressors in worldwide consumer and industrial applications.

SANYO Compressors
The SANYO Compressor Division has originated over 300 compressor-related international patents. SANYO refrigeration technology and compressor component quality, already recognized throughout many industries, is a critical advantage to SANYO Electric Biomedical Co. Ltd., particularly with ultra-low and cryogenic freezers, biomedical freezers and refrigerators, and blood bank products.

  • The SANYO Compressor Division produces more than fourteen compressor types, with over 600 specific models including hermetic, semi-hermetic and scroll compressors, each designed for proximate applications within operating parameters.
  • Compressors, refrigerants and lubricants used in SANYO ultra-low and cryogenic freezers meet demanding internal specifications required of critical storage installations. Compressor upgrades and improvements, factory training, worldwide availability and technical support are important SANYO advantages that cannot be matched by competitive companies who must acquire compressors acquired from third party manufacturers, or request costly programmed modifications that restrict and inhibit improvements.

Here, only the SANYO Vertical Component Integration™ advantage can yield such benefits in safety, convenience, serviceability and long-term durability.

Other companies depend on SANYO compressors as well. SANYO refrigeration components are incorporated into thousands of "private label" products ranging from easily recognizable household appliances to more esoteric industrial and scientific equipment for biotechnology, aerospace and more.These include:

  • household and commercial air conditioners
  • household and commercial refrigerators and freezers
  • commercial, institutional and restaurant ice machines
  • industrial freezing systems
  • cold traps
SANYO Condensers
The SANYO Compressor Division also manufactures integral condensing units used in SANYO refrigerators and freezers. As another example of Vertical Component Integration™, this condenser development capability assures continuity in biomedical product design, and assures an optimum match of component, application and quality control throughout the entire SANYO company.

A History of SANYO Refrigeration Development

1957  Development of air conditioners started in Yodogawa plant.
1958 Put the first SANYO air conditioner, window type SAC-2600s, on the market.
1958 Production of 4-pole reciprocating compressors for refrigerator use began in Yodogawa plant.
1960 Compressor production began in the refrigerator plant.
1961 Compressor plant constructed.
1962 Production of condensing units began.
1964 Production of C-A type compressors began.
1966 ZD (zero defect) activity started.
1967 Compressor division inaugurated.
1968 Technical cooperation agreement with GE on rotary type compressors concluded.
1969 Production of C-R20F and semi-hermetic (C-L1,2) began.
1970 Production of water-cooled semi-hermetic type unit began.
1971 Production of hermetic type (C-U) began.
1972 Technical assistance contract with Bulgaria on C-D type compressor concluded.
1974 Total rotary compressor production exceeded 1 million units.
1975 TAC activity started.
1976 Total compressor production exceeded 15 million units.
1978 Production of C-R33F began.
1979 Production of C-R15F and semi-hermetic (C-L3) began.
1980 Technical assistance rendered to SUE company in Thailand on C-P type compressor.
1981 Production of large-sized low-temperature use compressors (C-D) started.
1982 Production of C-V and C-B began.
1983 Production of C-2S started.
1985 Production of C-R25F started.
1985 Production of 2-cylinder rotary (C-R50F) began first in the industry.
1986 SANYO electric merged with Tokyo SANYO Electric and new SANYO started.
1987 Production of condensing units for chilled temperature started.
1988 SCS (Singapore) was established and rotary compressor production started.
1989 Production of scroll type compressors began.
1990 Production of non-CFC horizontal-type rotary unit began.
1991 TPM activity kicked off.
1991 Development of semi-hermetic non-CFC models started.
1992 Production of C-BZ type and Hi-EER type began.
1992 SCOM (Indonesia) was established. Production of C-Q began.
1992 Production of scroll type (C-SBL) began.
1992 Total compressor production exceeded 50 million units.
1993 Invention Award (Governor Award) given for C2S type compressor.
1994 Production of non-CFC C-BZN type started.
1994 Joint venture with Mabe Mexico for the production of small compressors started.
1994 Received the TPM Excellent Award.
1994 Joint venture established with Dalian of China.
1995 Distinguished Service Award given by Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association for units that solved the problem of specified CFC.
1996 Joint venture established with Shenyang Huarun of China.
1996 Progress Award given by Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association for the C-R15F DC2 cylinder type.
1996 Received the Continued Excellent Award in TPM.
1996 Certification under ISO 9001 acquired.
1997 Special Award for Excellence in TPM.
1998 Certification under ISO 14001 acquired.
1999 The internal company system started.
1999 Production of new rotary started (incorporating motor with intensified winding.)
1999 First gas injection forming device shipped.
1999 First Sterling refrigeration unit shipped.

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