MCO-36AIC(UV): 12.0 cu. ft. CO2 Cell Culture Incubator with SafeCell™ UV


Professional CO2 Cell Culture Incubator

  • Eliminates Chronic In Vitro Contamination Without Downtime
  • Passive Resistance To Mycoplasma
  • Integrated Core Technologies For Maximum Performance
  • Introducing Active Background Contamination Control™
  • For Greater Productivity In Research and Clinical Applications

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General Features

  • SANYO inCu saFe™ copper-alloy-stainless interior, shelves and plenum
  • More useable space with HEPA filters located out of chamber
  • Polyurethane insulation barrier
  • Direct Heat (Air)™ air jacket surrounding chamber allows uniform temperature distribution with no temperature gradients
  • Direct heating elements blanket the chamber
  • Independent bottom heater adjustment allows relative decrease in RH level
  • Door heater prevents condensation on glass inner door
  • Tempered glass inner door allows sample viewing

Airborne Contamination Control

Superior contamination control with an antibacterial copper-alloy-stainless interior that helps eliminate molds, spores and other contaminating spills, kills mycoplasma and provides a noncorrosive environment.

External Micro HEPA Filter

  • The in-line, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"out of chamber\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" externally mounted micro HEPA filter is vital for removing airborne contamination and filtering CO2 on both IR and T.C. sensor incubators.
  • The external filter traps contamination outside of the chamber away from samples.
  • External mount also saves internal chamber space for cell incubation.

Additional information on the corrosion-resistant properties of inCu saFe™ copper enriched stainless steel is contained in the SANYO white paper report.

Additional Anti-Contamination and Design Benefits

  • Circulation blower and CO2 injection cuts off when door is opened, keeping contaminated ambient air from being drawn into chamber.
  • Full-rounded corners in the interior chamber are constructed of electro-polished copper-alloy-stainless steel. Copper-alloy-stainless plenums, shelves and brackets extend contamination control to the chamber interior. All are easily removed for cleaning.
  • An inert gas tube is used to supply and sample the CO2. To help eliminate contamination, the inert gas tube and air circulation fan blade are autoclavable.

Direct Heat, Air™ (DHA) Jacket (U.S. Patent 55191188)

The SANYO Direct Heat, Air™ Jacket delivers superior uniformity, quick temperature recovery and accurate temperature control.

  • The incubator has three heat sources: sides, door and bottom heaters. All are located outside of the chamber.
  • Unlike traditional water jacket units, the sealed air jacket and foam insulation maintain a uniform temperature and quick temperature recovery after door opening.
  • Air jacket technology also requires no maintenance or attention and provides a lightweight unit for easier relocation or repositioning for room cleaning.

CO2 Control

  • Stable and uniform CO2 control along with quick CO2 recovery.
  • TC thermal conductivity CO2 sensor
  • The microprocessor automatically \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"zeroes\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" the incubator using room air as a reference, maintaining accurate CO2 control without drift.
  • Accurate reading is not affected by chamber changes in humidity and temperature.
  • Sensor has a long, reliable life proven through its track record.

Superior CO2 Temperature and Contamination Control

  • CO2 range 0 to 20%
  • Temperature range 5°C above ambient to 50°C)
  • Effective capacity per chamber: 5.8 cu. ft./164 liters (MCO-17AC), 6.0 cu. ft./170 liters (MCO-18AIC)

SANYO\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s CO2 incubator offers the most advanced technology along with the specifications that make these incubators the best choice for your lab. Its superior ease of use includes installation, maintenance, calibration, as well as outstanding performance, control and anti-contamination features.

User-Friendly Advantages

  • Setpoint, actual and diagnostics readouts
  • Display input calibration control

Reliability and Control

  • The unique control panel is door-mounted for convenient user access and is at an easily accessible height for easy reading when two chambers are stacked.
  • Units are lightweight and stackable to save valuable lab space. The optional mobility cart provides easy unit relocation anytime.
  • Auto setup allows unit to adjust to required parameters automatically by simply entering the temperature and CO2 setpoints.
  • The chamber\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s bottom heater can be adjusted independently from the side and door heaters to control humidity from about 93% to 98% RH.
  • Low CO2 consumption.
  • Fast startup - less than two hours.

Cell Culture Protection Systems

When the alarm sensor detects an abnormality within the chamber, an alarm buzzer, flashing lamp, flashing digital indicator and/or other safety cut-offs are automatically activated. Alarm activates and auto response operations occur when these conditions arise:

  • Temperature - deviates approximately 1°C from set level, upper level heater off;
  • Over Temperature - abnormal increase of temperature greater than overheat protection set point, all heaters off;
  • CO2 level - deviates from the set level by more than 1%, upper limit CO2 valve off;
  • Door ajar - fan motor and CO2 off, over 1 minute all heaters off.

Benefits Summary

Active Background Contamination Control™

The SANYO MCO-36AIC(UV) is the first and only cell culture CO2 incubator in the world to employ SafeCell™ continuous active background ultraviolet light sterilization in combination with the passive resistance of inCusaFe™ copper-enriched stain

Heat Decontamination Not Required

The MCO-36AIC(UV) inhibits the growth of mycoplasma, bacteria, molds, yeasts and fungi without costly HEPA air scrubbers which accumulate contaminants in the chamber, or disruptive, high temperature decontamination schemes which can actually

High Performance In Vitro Modeling

Stable temperature, humidity and CO2 density are achieved through a combination of performance systems supervised by a centralized microprocessor controller complete with alarm, programming, calibration and diagnostic protocols exportable to remote database

In Vitro Fertilization Applications

SANYO has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA Reference K013703) to market the SANYO Series CO2 incubators for in vitro fertilization applications.

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