MDF-U33V: 12 cu.ft. VIP™ Series-86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

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VIP™ Series-86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers


Cascade Cooling SystemEnergyRemote AlarmAutomatic Alarm SystemCPU and Touch PadRechargeable BatteryVIP Vacuum Insulation PanelServiceAir FilterQuiet, Reliable CompressorCFC FreeInsulated Inner DoorsPower Failure AlarmLCD Digital Display


VIP™ Series-86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

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Integrated Ultra-Low Storage Solutions For Biosafety, Security and Performance

Ideally suited for ultra low storage solutions for biosafety, security, accessability and performance. Long-term preservation of biologics, reagents, specimens, components, and in testing of various types. SANYO V.I.P.™ Series upright freezers represent the industry\\\'s most innovative combination of cabinet design, electronics, refrigeration and critical components for enhanced security, better performance, product safety and cost effective operation at -86°C. SANYO preservation systems employ advanced technology to insure a high precision temperature environment.

  • SANYO patented VIP™ Vacuum Insulation Panel for high density storage
  • Three levels of cabinet security
  • High performance, quiet-running SANYO refrigeration compressors
  • Enhanced Performance and Reliability
SANYO VIP™ Series upright freezers represent the most creative combination of cabinet design, electronics, refrigeration and critical components for enhanced security, better performance, product safety and cost effective operation at -86°C.

Benefits Summary


SANYO has developed refrigerants that are nondestructive to the ozone layer. SANYO is committed to CFC-free refrigerants by the year 2020 now!

CPU and Touch Pad

The computer control system designed for low-temperature application ensures accurate setting with touch-pad switches.

LED Digital Display

The strategically located LED digital display is easy to read. Specially linked to the CPU computer control for instant reaction.

Quiet, Reliable Compressor

Designed by SANYO specifically for demanding ultra-low temperature applications in a laboratory environment.

Rechargeable Battery

A rechargeable battery is built in as the backup battery for alarms.

Insulated Inner Doors

SANYO unique doors are fully insulated to provide better uniformity and guarantee an airtight seal. Two inner doors ensure that exposure to incoming air is kept to a minimum when the outer door is opened. Doors are latched.

Cascade Cooling System

At the heart of freezers that are as efficient and reliable as SANYO freezers is the SANYO designed cascade cooling system. SANYO experience in ultra-low temperature technology has made the compact, quiet and reliable refrigeration system possible.

Air Filter

The air filter is specially located to give easy access for removal. The filter also is washable for economy and do-it-yourself maintenance.


Mounted on wheeled casters to make moving easy.

Energy Efficient

The combination of efficient technology and construction brings the added benefit of considerable energy savings.

Power Failure Alarm

The backup battery sounds the alarm in the event of power failure, AC interruption or other abnormality.

Remote Alarm Contacts

An alarm is sounded at a remote location if a breakdown occurs.

Automatic System

Provides both an audible and visual temperature alarm when the temperature increases to more than 5°C to 15°C (adjustable) from the setpoint.


Always priority with SANYO is a proper service and maintenance program.

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